Welcome to Matreerials

tree cat 5Paraphrasing Da Vinci: the tree is nature's masterpiece. Oops! In fact, Leonardo said it was the cat, but we respectfully changed it to trees (and, why not, plants at large). In a nutshell, we are a team of thinkers, at various levels of training, committed with mirroring the core elements of trees in our materials, fondly baptized as Matreerials. After all, still quoting him, "the wisest and most noble teacher is nature itself",  with millions of top-notch R&D years before us.

Matreerials could also read Mathreerials, as 3 are the guiding principles that pave our route towards systems delivering suitable properties, boasting (multi)functionality, and fitting within the circular economy framework. It could also read Mafreerials, as we struggle to design materials as free as possible from nasty chemicals. Check here our current research interests

Matreerials encourages dialogue and collaborative endeavors; values both fundamental and applied research; celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion in academia; does not tolerate any form of racism; and supports sustainable research practices. Should you combine the premises above with academic excellence, dynamism, creativity, organization, and good scientific practices, you are encouraged to browse here the opportunities to join Matreerials.