2022 Get-Together (11/24/2022)
We had a blast at Mattoso's place: Brazil vs. Serbia (2022 World Cup), Brazilian-style BBQ, swimming pool games, and lots of fun.



Smoke Squadron (08/12/2022)
Part of the team gathered at UFSCar campus campus to watch the amazing performance of the
Brazilian Air Force aerobatic display team (AKA Smoke Squadron)


Meetreerials #57 (09/26/2022): first hybrid Meetreerials
Amanda, Crisiane, Rafael, Laís, Anderson, and Caio attending on site plus the rest of the crowd broadcasting from elsewhere

HybridMeetreerials2 HybridMeetreerials1

Meetreerials #25 (01/10/2022)
Kicking off 2022 -- some new faces, but some dare to stick with us, luckily!

Meetreerials #25

Meetreerials #1 
Sreenshot taken from the very first regular (though remote) group meeting of Matreerials on May 31, 2021.

Meetreerials #1